Throughout History

The Unchanging Spirit Throughout The Years
  • 1950

    Fakher El Kallassi, the founder, opened his 50sqm store in Bourj Hammoud selling fresh homemade cheese and dairy products.

  • 1960

    The store’s high earnings encouraged Fakher to expand the business and relocate to a 600 sqm store with warehouses. He successfully introduced new imported Kashkaval and Bulgarian cheeses from Eastern Europe, Italian mortadella and other food items.

  • 1970

    The company built the first commercial center in Dora (Bauchrieh area), known today as CIT building and moved its head office there.

  • 1977

    “Fakher El Kallassi and Sons” became “El Kallassi Trading Establishment SARL” – known today as “Kallassi Trading Corporation SAL”

  • 1978

    Kallassi Trading Establishment signed the first import contract with the Cremo Cheese Company, Denmark. More imports of various Danish cheese products (Boel Foods, Chesco, Brikum, Puck, Canadane and Dofo) and Dutch and Belgian Ham by Continental soon followed.

  • Mid-1980s

    Fakher El Kallassi’s sons joined the business and successfully expanded trade activities by signing exclusive distribution contracts with multinational companies to professionally market and distribute imported brands.

  • Early 1990s

    The company adopted a new approach to storage, marketing, sales and distribution. The Total Quality System (TQS) was adopted.

  • Late 1990s

    GROUPKA was established within El Kallassi Holding to bring together all the companies, factories and institutions based abroad and several other projects.

  • 1995

    The company relocated to the new headquarters, paving the way for a new chapter of greater expansion and higher standards.

  • Early 1999s

    Sheepka was founded within GROUPKA specializing in the production of handmade cow and sheep milk cheese in its 30000 sqm manufacturing facility located in Bulgaria. The company is fully export oriented.

  • Late 1999s

    King Food S.A.L. was founded (Burger King in Lebanon) within Kallassi Group aiming at diversifying its investments. Burger King is considered to be one of the most important fast food chains in Lebanon with a network of 23 restaurants across the country.

  • 2005

    El Kallassi Group celebrated its Golden Jubilee (its 55th year in the business). Fakher El Kallassi passed away not long after this milestone event.

  • Early 2005

    The solid and prosperous business history between El Kallassi Group and the country Denmark was crowned by a successful joint venture with M.D./Arla Foods yielding continuous expansion and sales growth.

  • 2006

    DANIKA (a manufacturing plant specialized in white cheese, Lebanese labneh and laban and chocolate spread) was founded in Lebanon.

  • Early 2010

    SERVIKA (a firm specialized in distribution, warehousing, maintenance and on-pack promotions) was established to serve the needs of the group and other firms.

  • Early 2013

    Christophe El Kallassi was appointed Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of GroupKa.

  • Early 2016

    Prince Henrik of Denmark awarded Mr. Jack El Kallassi, Chairman of GroupKa, in Fredensborg's royal palace; the "Golden Medal of Honor" in recognition of a growing understanding between the Danish and Lebanese cultures in addition to Groupka's great achievements during the past 40 years.

  • 2017

    GroupKa acquired a well established FMCG company, "Hakim Dowek", renown for its international brands in the Lebanese market such as Baygon, Raid, Glade, Hershey, Haagen Dazs, Twinings - to name a few.

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