About us

8 Companies providing leading consumer goods and best services.

Kallassi Group (GroupKa) reflects the growth and achievements of the past 70 years.

The vast group is nothing like a small family business, rather it’s a powerhouse on the Lebanese economic scene. The smooth handover from one generation to the next, solid management, creativity and long-term vision are all key factors behind this significant success.
Because our success is so closely related to our reputation, it’s up to all of us to protect that reputation.

Currently headed by the second and third generations of the El Kallassi family, GroupKA is a pledge to continue the journey and to remain true to the founder’s unchangeable spirit. GroupKA is typified by a sense of unity across the different companies in the group, the drive to continually rejuvenate business and an environment that lets diverse talents thrive.

As one of Lebanon’s largest business holdings, Kallassi Group has several sister companies operating in different sectors:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Logistics: Warehousing & Distribution
  • Restaurants
  • Food Production
  • Export
  • Real Estate

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