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Made from the finest ingredients in the most authentic Spanish way, Voila is one of Kallassi Trading Corporation’s private label brands. Voila offers a mouthwatering assortment of ham and turkey deli products that transform your sandwiches, charcuterie plates and recipes.
Manufactured and supplied by Capdevila Germans in La Selva, Spain which is renowned for its pork products, Voila was launched on the Lebanese market during the past decade. The wonderful tasting brand is known for its delicacies, fine texture and variety of delightful flavors.

Voila is the union of specialized know-how that dates back generations and modern technology. A name associated with consistent quality, Voila brings you the best of Spain’s ham-making tradition. With only 1% natural fat, low sodium and no coloring, this gluten-free brand stands out.

Voila offers great choice under five categories:

  • Ham Donna 6.5kg, fine shoulder meat with guaranteed freshness and quality
  • Turkey Breast 4.2kg, cooked turkey breast with an exquisite taste!
  • Mortadella 2Kg, made of finely ground cured meat. Whether it’s plain, with chopped premium quality Spanish olives, or with pieces of chopped pork; Voila Mortadella is a delight!
  • Salami 2.1Kg, made in Denmark, Voila Salami is cured sausage produced from air-dried meat mainly pork. Great on its own, in a salad or in a sandwich.
  • Pepperoni 170g & 1.32kg, a variety of subtly spicy salami which is wonderful on its own or as an addition to dishes such as pizza.

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