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Inventively delicious since 1989, Şölen is a Turkish company that creates products based on a real understanding of people’s tastes and preferences. The firm offers unique and delicious products to consumers that are driven by the inspiration of innovation.
Şölen has an appetizing assortment of more than 200 sweet snacks and products, in addition to kid’s treats. Şölen has rapidly moved up the ladder of success in its business sector in Turkey and throughout the countries it has been exporting to (which are more than 100 worldwide) because of its passion and dedication to creating a difference in the market. In 2016, Şölen was ranked 48th in Candy Industry’s Top 100 list, which is a great achievement since this is one of the most important lists in the world in this particular sector. 
The story behind Şölen’s success is tied to key values, which include being focused on the future and addressing customers’ demands while being innovative, courageous, energized and daring enough to explore new tastes.  
In Lebanon you can enjoy three of Şölen’s most loved brands: Biscolata, Ozmo, and Maxbar.

  • Biscolata: scrumptious biscuits that can tempt any chocolate lover. Very well known for Stix, Starz, Mood, and Break biscuits, a delectable selection of Biscolata products is available at all supermarket chains and local mini-markets across the country.
  • Ozmo: fun and totally delicious delights just for kids that include chocolates, chocolate with biscuits, and well-known varieties including Cornet, Hoxi Poxi, Ogopogo and Fun chocolate lollipop. Ozmo is available at all supermarket chains and local grocery stores across the country.
  • Maxbar: individually wrapped chocolates that make great gifts for every occasion and are wonderful to share with friends and guests.
  • In addition to these best-sellers, a variety of chocolate wafers and bars are on offer to satisfy different tastes, including VIP, Jingle, Go Fresh and Always.


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