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In 1960, El Kallassi Trading Corporation introduced Negroni, the famous Italian charcuterie brand to Lebanon. Negroni’s history dates back to 1907 when Peter Negroni, an artisan charcutier in Italy, founded "Company Fact Pietro Negroni and Brother" in Cremona with a mission to produce quality meat in the rural tradition.

Over the years, the company grew to become the first full-fledged Italian factory known for the production of a delicious variety of quality products that includes mortadella, ham, traditional salami, and many other Italian charcuterie specialties. Negroni has been a leader in the market of premium delicatessen meats for over a century and is still a benchmark for consumers as it responds to new trends by offering specialties and unique tasting experiences.

Product Range

It guarantees the highest quality and safety standards to produce Grade A premium meat products which is gluten-free, fresh and have a consistent taste.
Negroni boasts three main categories:
  • Mortadella: A great selection of premium quality pork meats, combined with a slow cooking process, give this mortadella, produced in compliance with the P.G.I. certification standards, an unmistakably delicate and well balanced flavor. Negroni Mortadella comprises the variants Stella, Primula, Giulietta, Emilia, Cometa, and Romeo – offered in different sizes
  • Turkey Breast: Premium turkey breast, baked slowly in the oven to ensure a delicate taste.
  • Ham: The product range includes two ham varieties.
    • San Daniele - a traditional P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) certified ham exclusively produced with Italian pork legs, in compliance with the P.D.O. requirements. Careful dry-curing, combined with the unique microclimate of Friuli (region in North-Eastern Italy), results in a very sweet flavor and intense fragrance.
    • Montegeneroso – a ham produced by using only pork legs. Its distinctive taste is delicately flavored making it a delicatessen to savor.

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