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At Naturalia, we believe a healthy diet is way of life.

Established in Lebanon in 1996, Naturalia provides you with the finest that nature have to offer, from organic vegan plant-based superfoods to organic wholegrains, cereals & seeds sourced from around the world.

Being one of the first companies to introduce Organic foods to the Middle Eastern market, Naturalia has gained the trust of its consumers by ensuring a supply of only the best quality products, and keeping up with the trends in a fast-changing consumer behavior era.

A wide variety of Naturalia products can be found at almost any of your local neighborhood store, making it easy and accessible for everyone to embark on a healthy lifestyle.

With Naturalia, we have got you covered with endless product category options:



Product Range:


Rice: We offer various types of rice from different corners of the world including Italy, Thailand and India.

With each its own aroma, taste, texture and unique properties, each type we offer works well with different recipes, so you will never get bored of rice again!


Seeds: Whether you are looking for superfoods to add to your diet, or would just like to have the crunch and flavor, Naturalia’s seeds range from pumpkin seeds to sunflower, linseed, chia, sesame, and quinoa… and the ultimate Paleo Mix catered specially for those who just want it all.


Breakfast Cereals: Apart from our renowned best seller – our Oat Flakes –our nutritious filled cereals include Mueslis, Oat Bran, Wheat Bran and the too-good-to-be-true 5 Cereal mix!


Beans: High in protein, and a rich source of fiber and B vitamins, these small sized legumes can cover most of your Daily Value needs. With immense choices like Chickpeas, Coral Lentils, Red Kidney Beans, Aduki Beans, Mung beans…. The only challenge you will be facing is choosing THE one.


Coconut Products: Fry and bake guiltlessly from now on, using the healthiest of oils offered by nature: Organic Coconut Oil. Furthermore, believe it or not, the fatty acids in coconut oil can encourage your body to burn fat, and quick energy to your body and brain. 

Another coconut product Naturalia offers is our Organic Coconut Sugar containing a low glycemic Index - a delicious and healthy replacement of your ordinary over the counter sugar.


Soy Products: Vegans rejoice! Our protein packed soy mince and beans are here to serve your nutritional needs. Using our meat replacement, your choices of meals are endless, from vegan burger patties to delicious Bolognese, or even your traditional local Lahem Baajine.



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