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Preserving excellence since 1989, we treasure nature’s generosity, and do our best to translate it into food that people want to spend time with.


At the foot of Lebanon’s Mount Sannine rests the picturesque village of Ain El Kabou. This is where we harvest our all-natural specialties, such as jams, preserves, seasonings, flower waters, and other products made with love, the traditional Lebanese way.

The lushness of the Lebanese soil, paired with the cooperative Mediterranean weather, bears exceptional fruits rich in color and flavor. All of our ingredients are handpicked and individually selected for the best possible taste – a process that has earned Mymoune a reputation of unparalleled quality over the years.

Fruit contents as high as 74%, the highest in the market, where others are happy promoting 50-52% in their products.

Winner of Gold and Bronze Medals in the worldwide renown UK’s “Great Taste Award” for 7 of its products, over 4 years


Product Range:


Preserves: Strawberry, Apricot, Rose Petals, Sundried Figs, Sundried Figs with Walnuts and Mulberry preserves are made of the finest fruits and petals, cooked uncovered and in small batches to conserve their natural aroma, colors, and rich vitamins. Fruits are kept whole, which requires a particular kind of fruit and a specific cooking process.


Jams: Fresh Fig and 3 Citrus Marmalade are made of the finest fruits, crushed or cut in small pieces, before they are cooked uncovered and in small batches. While our preserves are made up of large chunks of fruit, our jams are made differently and are easier to spread.


Fruits in syrup: Bitter Orange Peel, Dates stuffed with Almonds, Whole Figs and Pumpkins – whole or large chunks of fruits in syrup make a wonderful dessert or topping for cakes and puddings. They also pair nicely with a wide range of cheese.


My Creation: Strawberry & Rose Petals Preserve, Crème of Dates with Almonds Jam, Orange Peel & Pumpkin in Syrup and Orange & Orange Blossom Water Jam – this line of homemade delicacies is a collection of creative flavors concocted by Mymoune. The creations evoke interesting and satisfying flavors and textures, often with an exotic twist, but always prepared in line with traditional Mymoune methods.


Delicacies: include ready-to-eat specialties and are sensational without any supplement whatsoever. They range from savory snacks – Zaatar Rolls – to sweet confectionary – candied Bitter Orange Peel in Sugar.


Herbs and Spices: Our herbs and Spices are all natural blends with unmatched quality. Our Zaatar is made of dried wild thyme, finely ground, and mixed with our award-winning Sumac, sesame seeds, and a pinch of salt.


Seasonings: We take exceptional care to produce our award-winning 100% pure Pomegranate Molasses and Apple Vinegar.


Flower Water: Orange Blossoms and Damask Roses are distilled drop by drop in traditional stills to release their intense natural aroma. Made simply and with no additives or artificial flavors. The authentic way.


Syrups: Made of only pure fruits or flower petals, and sugar, our syrups are all natural, refreshing drinks. They also work wonderfully as a topping for pancakes or desserts.



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