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The late 1970s was an era of excellence for Kallassi Trading Corporation marked by direct imports, exclusive franchises, and new brand names introduced to the Lebanese market. Things didn’t slow down in the 1980s and this decade witnessed the birth of the brand Kaval which was launched in 1987 and has been a popular name since then. Kaval means “flute”.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, El Kallassi launched a venture in the newly independent Bulgaria and started buying and marketing Bulgarian cheese under the brand name “L.B.” (Lacto Bacillus Bulgarum), a trademark owned by the government. After many years of importing well-known cheese varieties such as VITOSHA, BALKAN, and L.B, El Kallassi decided to embark on a new adventure: cheese manufacturing.

SHEEPKA cheese factory was established spanning over 30000 square meters, and having three production lines. Its production capacity is estimated at about 5,000 tons with 2,000 tons being handmade. SHEEPKA Bulgarian Cheese products are marketed and distributed under the brand name “Kaval” and it preserves a rich Bulgarian tradition which dates back over a thousand years.

Product Range

  • Kaval offers cheese lovers delectable choice in 3 different categories:
      • Kashkaval Cow is made in Hungary while Kashkaval Sheep is made in Bulgaria at SHEEPLA, a factory owned by Kallassi Trading. These premium quality semi-hard cheeses made from the heart use a unique recipe that guarantees quality, taste, texture, smell and freshness all year long. Both Kashkaval Cow and Sheep are available in 2 main sub-categories:
        • Bulk
          • Cow (3kg, 8kg)
          • Sheep (4.5kg, 9kg)
          • Sheep Picante (6kg)
        • Self Service
          • Cow (350g, 700g, Light 350g)
          • Sheep (225g, Picante 200g)
      • Bulgarian White Cheese is made in Bulgaria at SHEEPKA, Kallassi Trading’s factory. This cheese is made of 100% fresh cow milk or 100% fresh sheep milk with no additives using a unique recipe and the old traditional manual production process to guarantee the best quality and taste. Handmade cheese prepared from the heart, this brand offers people the best tasting Bulgarian cheese all year long. It boasts the authentic flavors of homemade goodness and the difference is in the taste. Both the Cow and Sheep varieties come in 2 main sub-categories:
        • Bulk
          • Cow (6.3kg Tin & 14 kg Tin)
          • Sheep (7kg Tin & 14 kg Tin)
        • Self Service
          • Cow (200g & 400g)
          • Sheep (200g & 400g)
      • Processed Cheese is made in Hungary and it serves as the perfect solution for preparing tasty cold or hot sandwiches

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