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The Hershey Company is an American multinational company and one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1894, it quickly grew to dominate the confectionary market across the globe with three large distribution centers equipped with the latest technology and labor management systems.

The Hershey Company, most known for its unique Cookies and White Chocolate, produces an exquisite chocolate range that fulfill all and every taste and occasion.



Product Range:

Hershey’s: Other than the bars, Hershey’s produces Syrups, Baking Chips and Baking Bars.

Hershey Kisses are bite-sized, conical-shaped pieces of chocolate that you can enjoy with others.


Brookside: embodies the sublime blend between dark chocolate and fruits.


Reese’s: is the perfect combination of mouthwatering chocolate and scrumptious peanut butter.


Twizzlers: is most notable for its licorice candy that comes in many shapes, sizes, and flavors.



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