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Golden Star

Golden Star

Golden Star story began in 1960, when Mr. Antoine Achkar wanted to provide his home country people with the best olive oil. We have started by picking the best premium olives from many olives providers around Lebanon and brought them to Sahel Alma factory for olive oil Production.

We have opened Golden Star planting and production facility in Kfarakka - Al Koura in 1977, producing olive oil and other premium goods, which have become a signature product.


Most harvest periods begin in early fall; so the olive oil can last for up to two years. We use cold and not warm pressing for the olives as it will give the oil more life and better quality.


Since we care about our product’s quality and our consumer’s satisfaction, we use the best olives to produce premium olive oil and to maintain the aspect of our products, we do monthly factory check and the government inspects twice yearly.


Our products are available all over Lebanon and abroad.


Product Range:


Available in a broad variety of sizes (500, 750, 1500 & 3000 ML), making them ideal for baking, cooking, frying, bread dipping, salads and dressing; even for skin and hair treatment!

You should prevent light from coming through the oil and keep it away from heat. Glass also protects the flavor and keeps the taste of its own depends of the olives kind; if it was coming from green olives, you can taste the strong and intense oil flavor and the rich creamy taste from black olives.

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