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Dano is a brand name with a long history. In the 1880s, dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden formed small cooperatives and invested in common dairy production facilities, making efficient use of their milk and higher quality products. Over the years, small farmer cooperatives merged and became stronger and expanded from local to regional to national cooperatives. In 2000, the largest Danish dairy cooperative merged with its Swedish counterpart and Arla Foods to form the first cross-border dairy cooperative.
The cooperative idea also flourished in other countries and through recent mergers cooperative owners in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg have joined Arla Foods. Today, Arla Foods continues to grow stronger. Dano milk powder is one of their products and is solely produced in Denmark. The brand’s international footprint extends to an array of markets in the Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh and parts of Latin America.

Product Range

Dano retail packed milk powder is mainly marketed in the Middle East, Africa and Bangladesh. Made from 100% natural milk, Dano milk powder boasts a deliciously natural taste, color and smell. In Lebanon three main ranges are offered, each in a variety of sizes to suit different needs:


  • Dano full cream milk powder: this provides essential energy and nutrition for kids’ growth and the entire family’s good health. It is also great in coffee or tea and is wonderful for cooking and baking.
  • Dano Light: this delightful low-fat milk powder has  60% less fat compared to full cream milk and is fortified with 100% extra calcium for strong bones and teeth. Dano Light powder is highly recommended for the whole family as it provides all the goodness of milk.
  • Dano Slim: this fat-free milk powder is ideal for your active commitment to health and vitality. With added Vitamin D and 200% more calcium compared to full cream milk, Dano Slim retains the satisfying taste of natural milk without the fat.

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