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E.J. Papadopoulos S.A. is one of the largest FMCG companies in Greece with a long history dating back to 1922 when the Papadopoulos family began its first production of biscuits.

Today, the company is the market leader in the Biscuit category in Greece, and it has successfully expanded into other categories, such as bread, bread substitutes and cereal bars.

Has a vast portfolio of products consisting of 34 brands that are highly recognizable and synonymous to the Greek Biscuit & Bakery offering.

Consistently invests on premium quality, unique recipes, innovation and exceptional customer service.

Feels proud for numerous awards at both international and national trade fairs, but mostly feels proud of our dozens of millions loyal consumers!



Product Range:


Caprice: Since 1978, Caprice, a premium indulgent snack made of crispy wafer rolls with hazelnut and cocoa cream filling, has been a leading brand among confectioneries in Greece and soon became the company’s global flagship brand, synonymous with delicate chocolate pleasure - a never-ending experience for millions of its brand lovers in 59 countries across five continents.

Available in a broad variety of sizes and four flavors: Classic, Cappuccino, Vanilla and Dark

Digestive: The unique biscuits that for years now have been adored for their rich and delectable taste and nutritional value. Made with whole wheat flour, they are source of fiber. Digestive is the perfect snack for any time of the day.

Available in five great flavors: Classic, Sugar-free, with Milk Chocolate and with Dark Chocolate

Cookielicious: A thick indulgent cookie, rich in chocolate, enriched with dark chocolate pieces (26%) and milk chocolate drops (6%).

Available in two delicious flavors: with cocoa, dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces and with dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces


Petit Beurre: Our first branded Petit-Beurre biscuit was baked in 1922 at Papadopoulou family’s kitchen, in Greece. Since then, we continue to offer, with love the very same recipe, biscuits with fine taste and high nutritional value. With 70% cereals and only 31-32 kcal per biscuit, it is the perfect snack for every time of the day!

Available in two flavors: Classic biscuit and wholegrain biscuit.


Biscotello: Classic, authentic and all-time favorite sandwich biscuits with a cream filling. Part of our cherished memories, we have been indulging in them from a young age and they continue to make our lives more delightful. A top choice that will be in our hearts forever.

Enjoy them in these delicious flavors: chocolate and vanilla.




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