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Canola Harvest

Canola Harvest

Since 1857, Richardson has built trusted relations with farmers to bring quality agricultural products to the world market. Today, our business has grown and is vertically integrated from the farm to the consumer’s table. Our canola processing plants supply the oil used in our packaging plants in North America to bring customers a full line of canola oil products and margarines. 

We are involved in every stage of the food production cycle. We strive to ensure environmental best practices to produce quality food products that you can trust. To feed a growing world with healthy and wholesome food, we continually invest in our facilities and ensure operational excellence. We support responsible agriculture, encourage collaboration with our suppliers and care about the integrity of our manufacturing processes.


Product Range:

Available in a broad variety of sizes, our Canola Harvest oils have a fresh, neutral flavor and high smoke point, making them more ideal for cooking and frying applications in comparison to other vegetable-based oil products. A natural source of omega-3s and vitamin E, our oils are cholesterol free, trans-fat free and boast a low saturated fatty acid content. At less than half the saturated fat of olive. Canola oil is a clear choice for consumer’s interest in making healthy, informed decisions


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