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Bleumer, is a distinguished brand in the world of Salmon Business.

It started evolving in Lebanon, MENA Region & North Africa Market as of January 2016 operating under BleuMer – ME SAL.

The Idea of Bleumer was first brought up in May 2015 when a group of Lebanese Entrepreneurs in the F&B signed a License agreement with Fumoir La fees des Greves in Quebec – Canada, who owns the brand Bleumer in the Canadian market for over than 20 years.



Operating under the strictest Lebanese, Canadian and International Standards of Quality. Our salmon is the product of a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology that ensures every time an upscale dining experience.

Bleumer uses only superior salmon for its salmon products.

Purchased from the best Scottish and Norwegian Open-Sea aquaculture farms and from Ireland for organic bred salmon.


Bleumer has the capacity for daily processing that exceeds 3 tons for different production lines.

Our salmon products are smoked 100% naturally with no artificial additives/preservatives i.e. free of Nitrates, using a blend of maple and fruitwood for a robust taste. Ready to serve, these appetizers are superb additions for any occasion.


Product Range:

Fresh whole salmon: We offer a selection of fresh salmon filets with options of skin-on and skin-off trimmed to perfection for use as sashimi and/or cooking


Salmon fillet portions: A wide array of salmon portions with customized weight ranges and options of skin-on and skin-off to select from that meet our customer requirements


Smoked Atlantic salmon: Slices of Atlantic salmon, with customized weight ranges that meet our customer requirements


Smoked Atlantic salmon log and Ring: Pre-sliced portions of Atlantic salmon surround a secret recipe of a mixture of herbs and cream cheese core


Salmon Burger: Pre-weighed patties of 125g of fresh and smoked Atlantic salmon fused together along with a mixture of condiments


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