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Beghin say

Beghin say

Béghin-Say is a French brand of sugars belonging to the food industry company Tereos France. The latter is specialized in the transformation of agricultural sugar products for the manufacture of invert sugar, glucose and sucrose.

Béghin-Say is the result of the merger on July 7, 1972 of the sugar companies Say and Béghin and then of the merger in 1992 of Béghin-Say and Eridania.

Béghin-Say offers several product ranges in France: traditional sugars, pastry chefs, gelling agents, pure cane, fancy sugars and nutritional sugars. 

Its products are marketed under the Béghin-Say, La perruche, Le Blonvilliers and Antillaise brands.


Product Range:


Béghin-Say: is the most famous sugar brand on the French market. With dozens of references, it has the widest range of the national market.

Like its emblematic color, yellow, the brand is warm, friendly, greedy and dynamic. Béghin-Say knows how to adapt throughout its history to consumer expectations, whether with the launch of cane blond sugar in the 1980s or more recently Ligne au sucre & extracts of Stevia


La Perruche: Founded in 1890, La Perruche finds its origin in Reunion Island. Present on the heart of each French family for many years, it is distinguished by the original form of its sugars, their amber color and their taste of cane sugar.

Over time, the parakeet La Perruche has become the symbol of a lifestyle and refinement to the French


Blonvilliers: is a cane sugar with a unique personality well established in the eyes of its users, both by the typicity of its taste, the finesse of its texture and the blondness of its color.

A consensual product, accessible to all, which appeals to the whole family, more pronounced on beet sugar and sweeter than brown cane sugar.



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