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Danika Complex, Industrial Area, Nahr Ibrahim, Lebanon

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DaniKa is a leading dairy producer in Lebanon.
Renowned for quality, DaniKa produces dairy products for well-known prominent brands such as White Star, Kaval, Tivoli, 3 Chefs and a variety of private labels for both food service and retail sectors.
With a products’ range that is growing in-line with consumer needs and the market, Danika adheres to the highest international standards of hygiene and food safety.
DaniKa only sources raw ingredients from a trusted supplier base, innovates and benefits from an experienced team.
As a result, DaniKa has penetrated the market in Lebanon, the Middle East and the GCC with its assortment of products.

Quality Control

To provide consumers with the safety and hygiene they deserve and to be more competitive in international markets. DaniKa has a very strict quality control system, meeting ISO 22000 standards and has its ISO 22000:2005 certification. The management and professional team work hand in hand to maintain quality throughout the production process.

Mission & Vision

DaniKa aims is to provide consistent product quality while answering customers' ever-changing expectations. 
This is achieved through regular development, rapid adaptation, sophisticated filling lines and packaging techniques, international standards and a highly trained team of operators and technicians. 
DaniKa’s mission is to continue expanding the product range while upholding the promise to deliver products that address market trends and offer great taste at affordable prices.
DaniKa’s vision is to produce fresh, clean, healthy, nutritious and tasty products.

Brands Produced

DaniKa produces a rich variety of yogurts, white cheeses, processed cheeses and creams under various brand names mainly White Star, Kaval, Tivoli, The Three Chefs as well as other private labels which enjoy a solid market share throughout the Middle East region. 

The dairy also produces chocolate spreads (such as Chocotelli & Tartinella) with the best French sugar, Danish oil and finest Spanish cacao.
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